Ristorante Fiore

This restaurant, located on Hanover Street in the North End, holds the record of my boyfriend’s favorite meal in all of Boston: Bombolotti alla Vodka. He’s never ordered another entrée at this restaurant and doesn’t plan on doing so in the future. I’ve maybe been there 5 times and have ordered it 4 out of the 5 times (my first time there I wasn’t aware of how special it was). It’s truly delicious, I enjoy their signature pasta over the everyday penne, and they get the vodka sauce just right without being too creamy.

Bread: three different types are served with EVOO. There is a biscuit type of roll that is the only one that’s worth going back for seconds.

Menu: traditional Italian menu, with sections of Antipasti, Insalate, Primi, Secondi, Contorti, and their signature pastas. Presentation: not much you can do with a bowl of pasta, but the Insalata di Pomodoro was laid out beautifully with the tomatoes and mozzarella overlapping each other, basil at each end. Everything appeared fresh and that much more appetizing!

Bathroom: the low point of the night for me, but don’t think that means I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant. It’s a small bathroom with 4-5 stalls, nothing that really grabbed my attention. It was neat & clean, so I’m not complaining. But the lack of originality didn’t matter; I was still thinking about my entrée and anxiously awaiting the best tiramisu in town.

Wait Staff: I’ve never had a disappointing waiter here, but this evening we had a lovely waitress who could not have been more adorable and pleasant. Attentive, checked up on us at appropriate times, always a smile on her face (and mine as well every time she approached the table).

Overall: I’ve never had any complaints about Fiore. I look forward to sitting on their roof deck in the summer!

The Perfect Bite: Insalata di Pomodoro. Fresh basil, fresh tomato, fresh mozzarella, olive oil. Yes, I emphasized the “fresh” because that’s exactly how it tasted.



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