Metropolitan Bar & Grill

turkey burger with avocado & hummus / sweet potato fries

turkey burger with avocado & hummus / sweet potato fries

This was probably my 5th time back to the Met at the new Natick Collection, and I already can’t wait to return. This modern steakhouse is stylish & comfortable, with plush materials from the booths to the bar stools. The lounge area has plenty of seating & TVs if you’re trying to catch a game; luckily for the men in my party we were seated close enough that they could check up on the Master’s leader every few minutes. Large murals of popular cities from around the globe line the back wall of the main dining room, which is on two levels and filled with oversized relaxing booths.

Bread: The rolls came in a bread basket with individual butter packets. Not disappointing but nothing too out of the ordinary. They were easy to tear into two equal halves which was a nice change since I tend to assault my bread with the butter knife when trying to cut it open.

Menu: There’s something for everyone on this menu. From pastas of the day to their mouth-watering salads to the club sandwiches, I always have a difficult time deciding where to look first. But since I knew I’d be reviewing the restaurant after this visit, I told myself I had to order from their famous Burger Bar. With burgers named after US & International cities, there’s a choice for every meat lover. “Vermont-The Farm” is topped with bacon, cheddar & a fried egg, while “Athens” is a veggie option complete with tzatziki, feta, cucumber, tomato & hummus. Or you can customize your burger, but beware: not only are there 5 meat options, but over 40 toppings & condiments to choose from. While my heart was truly set on the “Shanghai Chop Chop” salad, I opted for the make your own burger: turkey meat, whole wheat bun, avocado, hummus, sweet potato fries.

Presentation: My turkey burger was served on top of my condiments, with the fries & pickle on the side. The burger itself was good but I could have been more creative with my toppings. I get nervous & overwhelmed when I have so many options, and when it comes to burgers I always want to do it right! Next time I may add some sprouts, caramelized onions, black olive tapenade, or roasted garlic aioli (but not all together). For those who love sweet potato fries, I need to warn you about the Met’s version. I applaud them for being different, but when I order sweet potato fries I truly just want some sweet potato fries! Their’s is a thinly sliced sweet potato plank that has been deep-fried. I enjoyed the first one, but spent the rest of the time peeling off the fried-ness and just eating the barley there sweet potato.

Bathroom: Plenty of stalls with a hook in each one for your coat or purse. Tiled floors and beautiful counters, this bathroom was shiny, clean, & modern.

Wait Staff: Our waitress seemed a bit frazzled at times, perhaps because we had such a large party. But she was pleasant, able to cater to our needs, and got all of our orders correct!

Overall: I have a soft spot for burgers, so I recommend you try Met Bar & Grill if you feel the same. I wish I had gone with my instinct and tried the “Shanghai Chop Chop”, but with all the meat, toppings, & condiments surrounding me I couldn’t look away from the Burger Bar! I will absolutely return, especially since they’re building one in the old Joe’s spot on the corner of Newbury & Darmouth in Boston’s Back Bay (check out their other locations in Dedham & Chesnut Hill).

The Perfect Bite: I’m disappointed in myself for concocting a semi-boring burger. My boyfriend’s “Met L.A. Chopped” salad looked amazing, so next time I’ll force myself to ignore the burger menu. I have to say the chili that my aunt & uncle ordered was meaty, tasty, had just enough spice, and the small dollop of sour cream (which I usually omit) made it a winner.


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