Top 3: Fro Yo Joints



First & foremost: I love food & I’m a dessert freak. My post dinner snack choice is always an important one–slice of homemade banana bread? Skinny Cow single serving ice cream cup? Recently I’ve noticed that tart frozen yogurt has been taking over the world, and frankly, I’m ok with it. Any flavor, any topping, any gimic (self-serve?!), I’m a complete sucker. Below are my Top 3 favorite locations that I ranked based on Flavors, Toppings, Prices, and Atmosphere.

Location: Harvard Sq, Porter Sq, Fenway ~ *winner of Flavors & Toppings
Most places have your standard flavors (original, blueberry, strawberry), but BerryLine takes it a step further with choices like Guava, Black Cherry, Rootbeer Float, and Oreo! Each location features 3 unique flavors that change daily. The toppings get even better with shaved Taza chocolate, fresh fruit, granola, heath bar crumble… And I can’t forget their mini-sized add ons: M&Ms, Reese Pieces, & Gummie Bears to mention a few!

Location: Clevland Circle ~ *winner of Atmosphere
Chill has seating for almost 20 and a flat screen TV for your entertainment (if the fro yo isn’t captivating enough). They usually have about 4 flavors depending on what time of day you’re there (busy summer nights seem to sell out of certain favorites). Their toppings are great as well, my top 2 choices being the graham cracker crumble and Lucky Charms. Not in the mood for fro yo? Try one of their tempting ice cream flavors: Bailey’s Irish Cream? Butterfinger? Yes please!

Berry Freeze
Location: Coolidge Corner ~ *winner of Prices
Who ever thought of the self-serve idea is bloody brilliant. And you pay by the weight? Even better! Berry Freeze has 3 dispensers containing 2 flavors each that you can have as a swirl or served separately (Coconut + Pineapple = Pina Colada). Their topping bar is “help yourself” as well, and help myself I DO. I help myself to a bottom layer of Oreos, a layer of Chocolate fro yo, a layer of strawberries, topped with Coconut fro yo, followed by chopped Kit-Kat and basically anything else I damn well please. After filling the cup to the brim you’d think I’d have some regrets at the register, but I’ve never broken the $3.25 mark–a fantastic price considering the other 2 places charge you per topping!

Berry Freeze

Berry Freeze

Bottom Line: I recommend all 3! Like I said, I love dessert and I don’t discriminate. 

Did I miss your favorite spot? Fill me in!


2 thoughts on “Top 3: Fro Yo Joints

  1. I think this is my favorite post yet. I can hear you telling me all about these places just like you wrote them. I guess dessert brings out the best in you 🙂

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