Metropolis Cafe

Metropolis Cafe, overlooking the South End’s busy Tremont Street, serves Mediterranean cuisine at a very reasonable price in a small but charming atmosphere. Now typically I tend to pick the most expensive restaurants to visit for Restaurant Week, but this line at the top of the online menu caught my eye and I never looked back: “A glass of house red or white wine is included”. $33.10 for 3 courses AND a glass of wine? I’M IN!

Bread: Five individual pieces , hearty & crunchy, served with a small dish of garlic cloves (nice touch) soaked in EVOO. I approve.



 Menu: Of course I went right for the 3 course menu, but I did notice the great prices on their day-to-day menu. And they serve brunch on the weekends! Tonight however, I had the following:

  • Watermelon & Arugula Salad with feta cheese and pine nuts
  • Grilled Seabass with spinach & tomato confit
  • Strawberry “Parfait” with a Kahlua Cream


Presentation: I truly wanted the gazpacho but I had just ordered it at my last Rest. Week dinner; instead I went for the salad which was delicious but something I’ve made myself many times before. The seabass, placed on top of the spinach & topped with the tomatoes, was excellent. The Strawberry “Parfait” was in quotes for a reason. In a small shallow glass about five strawberries were cut in quarters & topped with a dollop of whipped cream. In one of the last spoonfuls I tasted a HINT of Kahlua. A parfait usually includes some sort of yogurt, or ice cream, or granola, or SOMEthing to make it interesting. I could have made this dessert (or something better) at home and was really disappointed in the lack of creativity.
strawberry "parfait"

strawberry "parfait"

Bathroom: Similar to the restaurant in that it’s small, but it provided all the necessities one would need in a restroom.
Wait Staff: Because of the size it seemed as though the bar tender and the waiters were one in the same. My boyfriend & I arrived before the rest of our party so we sat at the bar for a drink; the man who poured our wine/beer ended up being our waiter as well. He was friendly and immediately struck up a conversation when we sat down, commenting on his desire to end his shift and have a drink with us 😉
Overall: There was not one food item on this menu over $20 which is extremely hard to find in the city, especially in the South End. The space was limited but the food was good and the atmosphere was comfortable. I wouldn’t rush back (there’s just too many places to try!) but I highly recommend Metropolis if you’re looking for a tasty meal that won’t break the bank.
The Perfect Bite: This wasn’t on the Rest. Week menu, nor did I order it, but I think I have to say my friend’s Banana Bread Pudding + Caramel + ice cream = delightful!
banana bread pudding

banana bread pudding


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