The website boasts: “Contemporary. Upbeat. Italian Classics.” and that’s exactly what you get when dining at Teatro. Located at 177 Tremont Street in the Theater District, Teatro is a great spot for a pre or post theater/movie dinner. I’ve already been more than impressed by Chef Jamie Mammano after visiting Sorellina, Mistral, and Mooo… – I’ve been looking forward to his more casual venue for a while.
Bread: Large, white, & crunchy pieces served in a tall basket with a white bean puree & EVOO. Once the spread was gone there was no need to go back for seconds.


Menu: So many sections with too many delicious choices! Hot & Cold Antipasti, Salumi, Formaggio, Pizza, Hand-made Pasta, Risotto, and Entree… phew! You could easily treat this like a tappas menu, or decide to order an app for the table if you’re focused on having a main course. The best part: they offer you a choice of an appetizer or entree size for the Pasta and Risotto sections, which is perfect if you’re like me and want to try as much as possible but don’t want to be stuck with a full entree. We decided on an app to share, and I went with a soup and an appetizer sized pasta.

cheese pumpkin & lobster arancini

cheese pumpkin & lobster arancini

Cheese Pumpkin & Lobster Arancini – how can you read this and not order it? It came with 2 arancini topped with shaved parm, enough for each of us to have a 1/2 (sans my lobster-hating friend). There was only 1 piece of lobster in my 1/2 (which I kind of expected) but the pumpkin flavor was perfect (not too over-whelming). Who am I kidding, I love anything pumpkin!
Autumn Harvest Butternut Squash Soup – Served in a cup large enough to be considered a bowl. When I first saw the white soup I was nervous I’d be having pure cream. But then after the first dip of my spoon the beautiful orange squash puree emerged! Thick, and definitely cream based but not enough to upset my sensitive stomach. I LOVE YOU FALL FOODS!
Rigatoni with Classic Ragu Bolognese – Perfect appetizer size (which is probably an actual serving size). The meat was plentiful and the pasta was al dente! I’ve tried many a bolognese, and this lived up to the rest.
rigatoni bolognese

rigatoni bolognese

Bathroom: Located downstairs are 2 single stall women’s rooms. Nothing fancy but a couple nice features: automatic flusher, blue mini-tiled wall, aqua sink bowl.



Wait Staff: Regardless of the fact that my friend thought our waiter was hot, I wasn’t too impressed. Polite, but he was making me anxious b/c I felt like he was in a constant rush. He really did not waste anytime chatting us up or making us feel comfortable. Service was a little slow, but I’ll cut them some slack since it was a busy Friday night.
Overall: Prices were reasonable and the menu has plenty of options. A perfect spot for dinner & a movie (Boston Common theater is maybe 10 feet away). I definitely recommend, esp if you’re into tappas/sharing plates.
The Perfect Bite: A tough decision but the butternut squash soup had great consistency & taste, without overwhelming the belly. And did I mentioned I LOVE FALL FOOD?! 😉
butternut squash soup

butternut squash soup



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