This was my second time visiting Giacomo’s on Columbus Ave in the South End and yet again it did not disappoint. I feel I should have given their North End location a shot instead of trying the South End spot for a second time, but they don’t take reservations. There have been many times (mainly in the warmer months) where I’ve seen a line out the door spilling onto Hanover Street of people waiting to get a table. Luckily the South End restaurant does take reservations (I get cranky if I’m waiting too long for my food!)

Bread: A ¼ piece of a fresh Italian loaf was left for us to tear apart with our hands (which I always have trouble with). No butter, but small EVOO bottles were on the table which was all I needed.

Italian bread

Italian bread

Menu: Appetizers, Salads, Pasta, Vegetarian, Entrees, Sides … their House Seafood Specialty section offered linguini with your choice of sauce and type of seafood. Too many options to choose from! I’ve previously ordered their Butternut Squash Ravioli which was amazing; this evening I tried to be different and chose the Pumpkin Tortellini. These dishes can basically be considered cousins, but I want what I want!

Food/Presentation: My tortellini was spread across an oblong dish, covered with a fresh sage mascarpone cream sauce. Flagrant in flavor with a creamy rich sauce. I certainly wasn’t watching my calories this evening. I couldn’t not finish this dish – each bite was unbelievable!

pumpkin tortellini

pumpkin tortellini

Bathroom: The restaurant is small so I expected the bathroom to be the same. Spacious enough, with dark red walls, a large framed mirror, and a few old photographs of the neighborhood/Columbus Street back in the day.



Wait Staff: The first time I ate at Giacomo’s was during restaurant week a year or two ago and the waiter was quick with his words, barely made eye contact, and service was speedy. This is not the type of restaurant where the wait staff coddles you. The menu is pretty much self explanatory and they are not there to entertain you. Usually I enjoy a waiter who chats you up, but in this type of environment there’s no need for small talk. This visit we had a nice waiter who refilled our water glasses when necessary and attentively poured my wine when my glass was running low. He was pleasant, and we didn’t feel like we were being rushed out.

Overall: A small, casual Italian restaurant without the bells & whistles city restaurants usually flaunt. The tables are back to back with each other, and the noise can be overwhelming if there’s a large/loud party. Very reasonable prices, with entrée and pasta dishes $20 and under! This is a MUST-eat-at. I doubt you can go wrong with any dish you order.

The Perfect Bite: The pumpkin tortellini was honestly to die for.


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