Legal Harborside

Legal Harborside sure does have a lot of hype surrounding it, and it should with its vast views of Boston Harbor and 3 expansive floors (1st fl-casual restaurant and raw bar; 2nd fl-fine dining; 3rd fl-roof deck and sushi bar). I’ve heard of celebrities and Patriot players frequenting the 3rd floor and just about every 20-something I know has had a cocktail at this new waterfront hot spot. With a revitalized dinner menu and beautiful patio space, it was about time I give this Legal establishment a try!

1st floor, view from our table

1st floor, view from our table

1st fl, showing the circular bar

1st fl, showing the circular bar

Bread: Typical Legal’s rolls (forgot to snap a pic!), served hot with packets of butter. Sure the whole Legal Harborside menu concept is different, but there’s no reason to change these simple yet delicious rolls!

Menu: On the Half Shell, Plates to Share, Starters, Chowders & Salads, Ode to Inman Square, Pasta & Sandwiches, Wood Burning Grill. As you can see there are many options to choose from and I couldn’t decide if I was in the mood for a lighter salad or more of a hearty meal like the fish (or braised short rib) tacos. Being we were at a seafood restaurant I went with the Crabmeat Salad as my entrée.

Bruschetta (served on toasted crostini):
First off, I’m not sure why they even call it Bruschetta. Good thing there’s the disclaimer of “served on toasted crostini” or else there may be some unhappy campers.

Grilled Corn, Chipotle Cream, Cilantro
Fresh corn with a bit of a kick from the chipotle cream, really good. I would have loved to pour this onto a salad with some avocado and chopped tomatoes!
Whipped Gorgonzola & Fig Jam
As the description said “fig jam” I was pleasantly surprised to see whole figs on the crostini. I adore figs so I enjoyed this one but could have used a bit more whipped gorgonzola.

Crabmeat Salad: avocado, tomato, cucumber, egg, whole grain mustard dressing
A generous portion of crabmeat was piled onto ½ of an avocado, surrounded by tomato wedges, cucumber slices, and hard boiled egg. It would have been more salad-like if they chopped all of the items and placed the crabmeat on top, but that’s just me being picky (and lazy). The dressing was excellent, and the veggies appeared to be fresh… I just always forget that I don’t love crabmeat (unless it’s in sushi). This meal wasn’t bad, but I kind of wish I went with the fish tacos.

Bathroom: There are about 8 private 1-room restrooms, each indicated with a sign to be either a Men’s or Women’s room. I can only image that each one has a full toilet so I’m not sure why they aren’t unisex; the only reason I’m being critical is b/c there was a line of about 4 women waiting for a restroom while there were at least 2 “Men’s” rooms open. The one I used had cream colored tiled walls, and automatic sinks & hand dryers.

Service: I wasn’t thrilled when our entrees arrived while Matt was still finishing up his mussels. Let us enjoy our appetizers! Our waiter Scott did a great job though, warning us that a) the bruschetta wasn’t actually bruschetta and b) the Crabmeat Salad (and Swordfish Salad that my parents ordered) weren’t your typical Salads as they weren’t served with any greens – maybe they need to rethink the titles on their menu.

Overall: I’ve always thought the food at Legal Seafoods was good, but nothing ever really impressed me. I was anxious to try Legal Harborside as this location offered a brand new menu. Once again I walked away feeling as though I had a good meal, but I wasn’t overly excited about the cuisine. I only tried a couple of items so I can’t generalize, and I will note that my parents and Matt really enjoyed their Swordfish and Tuna. While I personally didn’t love the food, the atmosphere and location however cannot be beat. At 6pm on a Wednesday the place was packed; almost every table was taken and the bar was completely full. Each of the 3 floors offers outdoor space with incredible views of the harbor that you can’t find anywhere else.
After dinner we went to the 3rd floor for a drink (after waiting in a 15 minute line!) where there is a large bar, long high tops, and comfy couches where you can sip cocktails and snack on sushi. This is clearly the place to be and I’m looking forward to going back to the 3rd floor as soon as possible.

3rd fl bar (mirror reflecting view of harbor)

3rd fl bar (mirror reflecting view of harbor)

The Perfect Bite: This time it’s the perfect sip of the Yumberry Sangria.

For more photos & descriptions of what everyone in my party ate, visit my Facebook Page:


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