Abby Lane

 I was excited to learn that Jason Santos was expanding throughout Boston with Abby Lane. I’ve been the sister restaurant Blue Inc. a few times and love their creative cocktails, seasonal fare, and bar bites. After viewing Abby Lane‘s online menu and seeing the options of pizzas, sandwiches, meat, and seafood, I knew it would be a great spot to take my parents and husband.  Located in the Theater District, it’s an easy walk from the Ritz-Carlton parking garage as well as the Boston Common lot, perfect for out of town (and in town) theater-goers.

Bread: White rolls were brought out in a metal basket with a small scoop of butter in a glass bowl. There’s no easy way to say that the bread was extremely disappointing. Somewhat dry, not particularly warm or doughy, something you’d expect from a fast food pizza joint. At Jason Santos’s Blue Inc. they serve amazing pretzel rolls with a mustard butter – to die for! Not sure how he missed the bread mark at Abby Lane. Luckily the food improved from here…

Menu: Appetizers & Small Plates, Soups & Salads, Individual Pizzas, Burgers & Sandwiches, Main Entrees, On The Side. At first glance I was impressed with the options and variety, but as I studied further nothing really caught my eye as innovative or that intriguing. I usually like ordering 2 plates, whether it’s soup & salad, app & salad, app & ½ pasta etc. A few apps looked good but the salad selection is really generic: House, Wedge, Caesar, Greek. Nothing creative about it! There are some entrees I could have ordered (Pork Tenderloin, Salmon, Ahi Tuna) but as the pizza section was the most interesting I couldn’t resist.

Pizza Sicilian – prosciutto, mission figs, goat cheese, fresh arugula
And even though the menu didn’t state it, my pizza came with caramelized onions, which didn’t mix well with the other ingredients but I like onions so wasn’t complaining. This pizza was a good individual size with 6 slices. Toppings were plentiful and they did not skimp on the figs whatsoever. Based on the taste and size of this pizza I definitely recommend this section of the menu; all of the options look great (Margherita, Buffalo, Bianco, Calamari!).

Restroom: The ladies room has 5 stalls, white tiled walls, and a crisp & clean granite counter-top with 2 automatic sinks. A large wicker bin acted as a trash barrel.

Service: The service was great; our waitress was friendly, informative, and attentive with refills. Only Matt ordered a first and second course, but each came out on time without overlapping.

Overall: Abby Lane is a nice addition to the Theater District with its Contemporary American cuisine, close proximity to multiple theaters, and casual & modern atmosphere. With 2 stories there is plenty of seating, each level complete with a bar, banquettes &  free-standing tables, and large windows for people watching on Tremont Street. Prices are reasonable with Apps & Small Plates topping out at $15, Pizzas at $12, and Sandwiches reaching $17 (thanks to the lobster roll). Entrees are $16 – $28 with the Grilled 8oz. Filet Mignon taking the top price.

The Perfect Bite: Pizza Sicilian with all of the toppings (minus the caramelized onion mistake).

courtesy of the Abby Lane website

courtesy of the Abby Lane website

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