There are/were quite a few new waterfront restaurants on my list but I think Temazcal has been on it the longest. I’m not sure what took me so long – could have been the pricey apps, or maybe it’s the trouble I have pronouncing it (Tezmacal? no… Temzacal? no!) – but I finally made it to the upscale Mexican eatery, TEMAZCAL.

courtesy of the website

courtesy of the website

Bread: Chips served with 3 dips of salsa verde, refried beans, and salsa. The chips were crunchy and not overly salted or greasy. The red salsa had a small kick to it while the salsa verde added a sweet component.

Menu: This is the first time I’ve ever seen iPads for menus. Waste of money? Probably. Super cool futuristic addition to a modern restaurant? Yes, yes it is. However it’s tough to keep up to date with current technology; while I was impressed we also made comments about how the menus were the 1st generation iPads and were “heavy”, “thick”, and “out dated”. Still, I thought it was pretty neat, especially b/c they showed you photos of each menu item.

Also a plus, I already knew how to navigate the menu as it reflects the same layout as the website: Antojitos (apps), Ensaladas y Sopas, Entradas, Tequilas, Vinos, Cocteles (cocktails), Cerveza, Spirits.

Guacamole Langosta: lobster, avocado, tomato, onion, cilantro, serrano chilies
I was debating if this was worth the $18 and was curious if it would even feed 5 people. It was definitely worth it and it more than fed the 5 of us as an appetizer. The guacamole was tossed with small chunks of lobster and topped with chopped tomatoes and larger pieces of lobster. How can this not be a winner?

Dorado Mojo de Ajo: grilled mahi mahi, roasted garlic sauce, chile de arbol, plantain mash
The mahi mahi topped mashed plantains & roasted peppers and was smothered with a potent garlic sauce. The fish was great and the dish was flavorful, but just a drizzle of the sauce would have sufficed. This was my first time trying plantain mash and I really enjoyed it.

Bathroom: Each restroom entrance door is paneled with unfinished wood and labeled with a silver “M” or “W”.  The women’s room has 4 stalls and 2 shallow white porcelain square sinks. Half of the walls are lined with small lime green tiles while the half is rough white laid stone. Really pretty!

Service: Our server was great and all of the food came out on time. I just had 1 small issue with a bar tender… I ordered the beautiful strawberry/watermelon Moijto I had been eyeing on the iPad and was confused when a regular plain Mojito came my way. I asked the bar tender why mine wasn’t pretty & pink and apparently the fancy Mojito has a specific name (Sueno Rojo). While this is technically my mistake he made no attempt to remedy the situation, essentially told me with his inattentive demeanor that I was shit out of luck, and went about his business completely ignoring my disappointment. Luckily I spoke with another (better) bar tender that easily remixed the drink to my liking. Now was that so hard?

Sueno Rojo: twist on the classic Mojito with strawberry & watermelon puree

Sueno Rojo: twist on the classic Mojito with strawberry & watermelon puree

Overall: Similar to other new hot spots on the Seaport/Northern Ave strip, Temazcal has incredible patio seating overlooking Boston Harbor. We had the perfect table for the evening, outside on the boardwalk watching the planes fly in and boats sail by. The menu is more authentic Mexican than Tex-Mex and is essentially all in Spanish (thank god for the English descriptions). The appetizers are a bit unreasonably priced – 2 tacos will cost you $13-$16 and 1 quesadilla is $14, however the America Style Quesadillas come 4 to a plate at the same price. The entrees were more standard running $18-$32 with decent size portions. Overall the atmosphere is perfect for the summer; with the large floor to ceiling windows open to the ocean you feel like your dining outside no matter where your table is located.

our table

our table

The Perfect Bite
: Chip with guacamole and lobster meat!


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