The Salty Pig

Now I’m probably the last person who would be excited to try an eatery that specialized in pig meat, but one look at the menu from The Salty Pig and I was intrigued. The sandwiches of course drew me in, as did the not-your-average pizzas (Fig Pizza: red wine fig jam, apple, goat cheese, truffle oil – are you kidding me?!). Located at 130 Dartmouth Street near Neiman Marcus in the Back Bay, The Salty Pig is a casual and hip new spot with a lot of character.

Bread: Four thin slices of white bread were served wrapped in a recycled menu in a tin. A red square dish of EVOO was brought for dipping, but I prefer butter with non-substantial bread.

Menu: For a Starter you can pick your own pig part/meat, cheese and spread. They also offer salads From the Garden, Main Plates, and Pizza. The online menu shows a “Sammich” section that I was really looking forward to but apparently sandwiches are now only available during lunch. 

Prosciutto Galloni (traditional 1 year aged ham), Pecorino di Pienza Morchiato, Fig Jam
I don’t love pig meat but felt we needed to try a pairing with the cheese and spreads, so I went the safe route with prosciutto and had the waiter determine which cheese would be best. All meats/pairings are served on a wooden board with pickles, toasted crostini, and Dijon mustard. The fig jam addition was a must. I’m really glad we tried this. Maybe next time I’ll be more adventurous with the… Pork Pate? Or the Saucisson Sec (salt & pepper dry cured pork).

Smoked Cauliflower: wild rice, pistachio puree, golden raisins, mushroom
At first glance I didn’t even give this dish a second thought, until the waiter claimed it as the best meal on the menu. I wasn’t set on another particular option so I trusted him and boy was he right! The photo may look unappetizing, but it was one of the most delicious and flavorful entrees I’ve had in a long time. Each bite had a different texture and taste; salty, sweet, smoky, creamy. Really excellent meal!

Bathroom: They have 2 unisex stalls/rooms, and the one I used had comic strip wallpaper. I guess everyone needs a little reading material when takin’ care of business! I always appreciate something different.

Service: Our waiter knew what cheese to pair with our prosciutto and accurately described each entrée we had a question about. He checked on us regularly and refilled my iced-tea on cue.

Overall: What a great new place! They have a few seating options with high tops, low tables, and a bar. Decorated chalk board-beams lead up to high ceilings which makes this establishment feel a bit larger than it is. The Salty Pig has a clear voice & character; below is a customer journal/guest book that the check is presented in. I sure did let them know that I highly recommend this place! I’m 100% going back for lunch – now do I get the Chicken & Apple Panino or the Smoked Turkey & Avocado?

The Perfect Bite: Each and every single bite of the smoked cauliflower dish.


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