A friend of mine has been raving about Terramia for quite some time, so when I saw the Bloomspot coupon in my Inbox I not only FWDed it directly to her, but I bought one for myself as well. I set up a nice Saturday evening dinner for me & my fiancé, with $80 to spend! Too bad some bonehead (yours truly) didn’t remember to check the fine print: Coupon valid Sundays-Thursdays.

Bread: About 4 large fluffy white pieces of bread was delivered in a metal basket with a side of white bean purée with red pepper flakes. The bread was soft and fresh, and the spread was delicious, a great change-up from the expected butter or EVOO.

Menu: Antipasti, Salads, Primi, Secondi, Contorni. The options weren’t overwhelming and provided a nice variety. They also had quite a few tempting appetizer and entrée additions, one of which Matt ordered (Sea Bass).

Frittelle di Aragosta: Larry’s fresh Maine lobster fritters topped with crispy vegetables in a balsamic honey glaze
The lobster fritters were recommended to me by my friend who has frequented Terramia often. Four fritters were sitting in the glaze and topped with the crispy vegetables, which added a great texture. Each fritter had a decent piece of lobster, but the proportion of crustacean to fried dough was way off. I found myself leaving half of each fritter as I didn’t want to eat just dough. The glaze however was delicious, but I wouldn’t order these again with the $18 price tag.

Risotto del Giorno: winter squash, rabbit confit, red pepper purée
A cylindrical mound of risotto came topped with shaved veggies and surrounded by a circle of red pepper purée. The portion was generous – I could have eaten ½ and been satisfied, but it was so good that I couldn’t imagine not devouring the entire plate. The rabbit pieces were substantial and risotto wasn’t too creamy which I enjoyed. Really great dish!

Bathroom: 1 room/stall unisex bathroom due to the restaurant’s small interior. Brick walls, basket for paper towels, pretty sink/mirror combo. Small, but with a rustic character.

Service: Our server was able to rattle off all 5+ detailed menu specials from memory, which I’m always impressed by. The wine and food were delivered in a timely manner. The waiter wasn’t overly personable or friendly but he was professional and got the job done (even if he didn’t take my Bloomspot coupon…damnit!).

Overall: Prices were above average with apps & salads running $10-$16, pastas in the low to mid $20s, and the entrées ranging from $24-$37. All sides are $7, but I thought were unnecessary since each dish came with their own accompaniments. The atmosphere is like most North End eateries: rustic décor, small & a bit squished, but intimate (sometimes with the table next to you). There are dozens of North End spots to pick from, and while this may not be my 1st choice we both still really enjoyed our evening and most importantly our entrées.

The Perfect Bite: Risotto, rabbit confit, dab of red pepper purée.



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