Tremont 647

I’ve driven by Tremont 647 multiple times but have never had an impulse to go in and try their food. Thanks to Ben’s favorite reservation mechanism (which charges you to make a res. but then discounts you 40% off the food bill) we opted to try the South End restaurant, a first visit for all four of us.

Bread: A bunch of mini focaccia bites were served with what the waiter called “white bean puree”, which was in fact orange and had more of a sauce-like consistency. The bread was ok and the sauce was pretty decent, with a strong curry flavor.

Menu: Appetizers, Entrees, Sides. The options weren’t fantastic and there wasn’t one particular meal that I HAD to have, but a couple of dishes seemed interesting. There was certainly a slight Asian flare to the menu with options like fried pork dumplings (Pork Momos), Tempura Soba Maki, fried rice etc.

647’s Signature Pork Momos: soy sake, sriracha
Four fried dumplings were served with a side of sauce; they were pretty tasty and had a balanced ratio of crispy exterior and warm pork interior.

Crispy Pork Belly Tacos: yuzu aioli, red jalapeño
Two soft shell tacos came topped with aioli, pork belly, lettuce, and jalapeños that were oh so spicy! The pork was great, well cooked with a slightly crispy lining.

Roasted Beet, Squash & Pear Salad: feta, candied almonds, sherry vinaigrette
Beets, squash, and pears were assembled in a small mound topped with cheese and vinaigrette, with a few nuts (that were not almonds) off to the side. This salad was quite good and I unfortunately wolfed it down without noticing any squash.

BBQ fries with Andy’s BBQ sauce
A large bowl of fries came with a side of Andy’s BBQ Sauce. The fries were well seasoned and had great flavor without being overwhelming.

Roasted Cauliflower
The cauliflower was roasted with some peppers, onions, and an unidentifiable Middle Eastern flavor. This side dish was ok… I just didn’t love the particular spices used.

Chocolate Almond Bacon Bark
I loved chocolate and nuts but I can’t stand bacon so this wasn’t my favorite, but everyone else at the table really enjoyed it!

Pomegranate Flan: pomegranate seeds & sauce
I’m also not a fan of flan 🙂 Let’s just leave it at that…

Bathroom: This 1 room/stall unisex restroom was a bit trippy! Every inch of the wall space and door is covered with an underwater themed mural featuring fish, seahorses, and waves. I really liked the basket-weaved mirror!

Service: The service was great; the bartender steered me towards a delicious martini, our entrees were delivered after our apps had been cleared, and our waiter took our entire order, at once, without a pen/pad (3 apps, 4 entrees, 2 sides) – impressive!

Overall: I really like the space and atmosphere of Tremont 647, but the menu didn’t excite me. The food was good, and I left satisfied but I don’t have any reason to go back for that particular menu. I really enjoyed my 647 Pineapple Martini (house infused pineapple and vanilla bean vodkas, pineapple juice, simple syrup) and I know Dave loved his Harvest Sidecar (jim beam red stag, liquor 43, grapefruit, perchaud’s bitters), so perhaps I’ll stop in again for a cocktail. I wouldn’t tell you not to try Tremont 647, but my personal feeling is “been there, done that, moving on”.

Harvest Sidecar

Harvest Sidecar

The Perfect Bite: Beets, candied nuts, sherry vinaigrette.


2 thoughts on “Tremont 647

  1. I just went here for restaurant week – I agree that the regular menu is underwhelming, but the RW choices were more extensive and interesting! I had an excellent chopped salad and arctic char entree, which is new to the menu (it was delicious!) I also had flourless choc cake, which I’m usually picky about, but when it’s right could eat an entire cake – this was entire-cake-worthy. I really loved all 3 courses. The point of my comment is: I tried Tremont 647 with low expectations but had a great experience. I completely agree with your Overall comment (cool atmosphere, regular menu will not entice me back), but I actually would recommend trying it during RW sometime!

    • Ang, thank you for your comment/experience! I would not be opposed to returning for RW or if they eventually updated the menu. Initial reaction was definitely “blah”, but I’m glad you enjoyed it during RW!

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