Grafton Street

Last night I was able to have a brief but quite satisfying meal at Grafton Street in Harvard Square. I had been once before many years ago and while I didn’t remember much about it besides it’s location, I was happy to return.

Bread: I was under certain circumstances that required me to order my meal before everyone else and leave dinner a bit early, therefore I didn’t try the bread. One friend said it was cold and not the best, but the butter was soft and easy to spread. Another said he enjoyed the bread! You can decide on your next visit…

Menu: Salads & Apps, Rustic Pizzas, Entrees, Grafton Classics, Sandwiches, and Sides. The menu has great variety and the prices were quite reasonable. I do however wish the sides had more options, something maybe on the healthier, greener side? I was tempted to order 2 apps for my meal (short rib arancini and the roasted beet salad) but how can you pass up a $9 Chickpea Burger?

Toasted Chickpea Burger with yogurt cucumber sauce on grilled naan bread
I forgot was naan bread was when ordering this “burger” and was pleasantly surprised when it came in a “pita pocket”. The cucumber sauce was spread on the bottom and topped with shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, and the burger. This sandwich was really great; both the burger and bread were soft and filling.

Service: Our waitress was helpful & accommodating as Matt & I had to order before everyone else and get our own separate check as we had a wedding appointment to run to. She apologized when the drinks took a bit too long to deliver, and offered to let me have 1/2 fries & 1/2 mixed greens with my sandwich when I was being indecisive.

Overall: Grafton Street is so much more than a “pub & grill” as its name declares. The food is great, the atmosphere is casual yet contemporary, prices are manageable, and their white sangria with peaches, strawberries, and grapes wasn’t bad! They have a nice outdoor patio and the interior has comfy booths, banquettes, and free standing tables throughout. Harvard Square is scattered with excellent restaurants and some of my favorites (Rialto, Henrietta’s Table) but if you’re looking for a good meal in the area that won’t break the bank, I suggest you try Grafton Street Pub & Grill.

The Perfect Bite: As I only ate one thing, I’ll say the Chickpea Burger 😉


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