Happy’s Bar + Kitchen

Since April I’ve been dying to try Michael’s Schlow’s newest restaurant, Happy’s Bar + Kitchen. I’ve tried Chef Schlow’s Radius for restaurant week, I’m a huge fan of his Italian concept Via Matta, and I’ve frequented Tico a number of times for drinks and apps. Finally I made it down to Fenway to see what his first casual eatery was all about.

bar + lounge

bar + lounge

Bread: 1 slice of white country bread was served with salt & pepper and a side of EVOO that was poured at the table. While the bread plate seemed a bit empty, this 1 piece was fine for me & my mom but 4 more slices were eventually brought with our apps. Bread was soft, doughy, and tasted fresh.

Menu: The dinner menu consists of Apps + Munchies, Salads, Sandwiches, Entrees + Big Salads. None of the salads or entrees really jumped out at me besides The Famous “Kitchen Sink” Chopped Salad and the Grilled Salmon. I was debating between the Veggie Sandwich and a couple appetizers and went with the following…

Tuna Tartare with spicy avocado, cucumbers and crispy tempura bits
A large pile of tuna tartare was placed next to a row of thinly sliced cucumbers. Typically this dish is served with some sort of chip, pita, or bread vehicle but instead I used the cucumbers to carry the tuna. This wasn’t a bad method, until I ran out of the veggie. This app was good but I was hoping for more ‘spicy avocado’ which was only seen as a spread/paste under each cucumber.

Cauliflower with chipotle, cojita cheese and “crunchies”
The cauliflower came in a cast iron oval dish, topped with the cheese, scallions, and “crunchy” fava beans. Who knew this plain dull vegetable could be so tasty! Whether you’re a fan of cauliflower or not, this app is worth a taste.

Bathroom: The women’s room has 4 stalls, automatic sinks, soap, and hand dryers. The “Aim Straight” stencil I thought made more sense to appear above a urinal, but perhaps it’s referring to the trash can directly below?

Service: Our server was really friendly and checked on us quite a few times. He recommended the cauliflower app and encouraged us to try their Adult Milkshakes but dessert wasn’t in the cards for us that evening, even though they sounded delicious! The General Manager also stopped by at the end of the meal to see how we enjoyed ourselves during our first visit.

Overall: I love the style and comfort level of Michael Schlow’s first casual eatery. The miss-matched lounge furniture and spray painted walls gives off a quirky feel in the bar area; the dining room is more consistent with blue booths and chairs but the walls are still adorned with random artwork. The menu selection isn’t bad, especially when all dinner items are $21 and under. I’d love to go back, perhaps sit in the lounge, and try the Grilled Vegetable “Dagwood” with Rosemary Aioli.

The Perfect Bite: cauliflower, cojita cheese, crunchy fava bean.

dining room

dining room

lollipops with the check!

lollipops with the check!


For more photos & descriptions of what everyone in my party ate, visit my Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/ThePerfectBiteBoston


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